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Montessori Approach

We use a Montessori approach which is based  on the educational principles and practices of renowned Italian physician and childhood educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. Breakthrough research initiated by American psychologist Dr. Cameron Camp has led to the discovery that Dr. Montessori’s educational principles and practices could be adapted and applied with staggering success to individuals with dementia. Gail Eliot, of DementiAbility Enterprises Inc. has developed Montessori Methods for Dementia™ in Canada, which have been taught across Canada and in other countries such as Hong Kong and Australia.

Dementia Support has developed a system and practice which teaches nursing homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes and home care agencies on how to properly engage 1 to 12 people that have dementia at one time  using a Montessori approach and our innovative Montessori Kits for adults.

The result: busy and uplifted individuals with a new buzz in the home.  A lifted self-esteem, elimination of boredom and reduction or elimination of responsive behaviors are only some of the benefits.

NO MORE slouched over looking into space people.

NO MORE television as a primary activity.

NO MORE lined up residents in the hallways of nursing homes.

NO MORE wondering people asking “what should I do now?”

By supporting the person and the environment and engaging them in our real life adult Montessori Activities, this Montessori approach will improve the quality of life of both those living with dementia and their care providers.

The philosophy of the Montessori for elderly people is to encourage independence for as long as possible, offer choices, and treat people with respect and dignity.

We find the person behind the dementia.

By taking into consideration each person as an individual and introducing more meaningful and purposeful, real life activities, we have enjoyed tremendous success reconnecting with people who may have otherwise seemed unreachable. Montessori programming incorporates activities related to daily living, stimulation for dementia, cognitive abilities and encourages cultural and social connections.

Our “keep busy” activities allows an individual to stay engaged for longer periods of time while exerting their energy in a natural a positive way.


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